Is the East Following the West or its own Destiny for Industrial Development? A Research Agenda based on Supply-Chain Integration

ManMohan S. Sodhi
Cass Business School, City University of London, UK

Christopher S. Tang
UCLA Anderson School, USA

We seek to set up a research agenda around the question of whether companies in emerging economies in Asia are following the same industrial development path as those in developed countries. In particular, we compare supply chain integration in these economies through examples of companies known for their supply chain expertise and explore if and how supply-chain integration is different for these companies. These examples indicate that companies in emerging economies in Asia might be focusing on the customer or the front end of the supply chain for integration efforts while those in developed economies might be focusing on the supply or the back end of the supply chain. To explain these or other differences, we provide alternative research hypothesis based on the notion of development cycle and on region-specific development, along with related research questions for further research and their different policy implications.

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