Moderating Role of Logistics Information Technology on the Logistics Relationships and Logistics Service Quality

Hasnida Zakaria
University Sains University Sains Malaysia, University Sains Malaysia

Suhaiza Zailani
University Sains University Sains Malaysia, University Sains Malaysia

Yudi Fernando
University Sains University Sains Malaysia, University Sains Malaysia

An amount of research has shown that the adoption of technological innovations is the most important tool for enterprises to keep their competitive advantage. Recently, a body of evidence shows that logistics companies can increase their performance by employing new technologies. Many logistics companies began to improve their operation efficiency by continuous implementation of information or automation technologies according to their business characteristics. Logistics companies should employed new information technologies to raise their service capability in the e-commerce age. The main purpose of this study was to examine the impact of logistics relationships on logistics service quality with logistics information technology as moderator. A total of 109 feedbacks received from the 250 questionnaires distributed. Analysis was done to determine the most significant domain influencing logistics service quality. Results revealed that trust, commitment, communication and satisfactions influence the service quality except for bonding which showed no influence on the logistics service quality. The logistics information technology had no moderate effects on the relationship between logistics relationships and logistics service quality; however, the existence of trust and communication has made the moderation effect viable. The present study makes contribution to the logistics practitioners in practicing harmonized business strategy and suggestion for future studies. This study explore the relationships marketing in developing new construct for relationships dimension, which to explain the significant influence to the logistics industry and also to look for empirical evidence, on the relationships constructs, and contribution to the logistics industry.

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