City of London 2007-2010 Green Public e-Procurement Project-Results & Perspectives

R.N. Lacroix
National School of Public Administration, Athens, Greece

L. Laios
University of Piraeus, Greece

S. Moschuris
University of Piraeus, Greece

After years lagging behind Scandinavian and other European Cities, in 2007, the city of London took the courageous initiative to transform itself from a follower to a leader and advocate of Green Public Procurement. In this paper, now that enough data is available, we present how the 2007-2010 Green Public e-procurement project was structured; the goals, accountabilities, results of the procurement portfolio-analysis, the significance of business transformation with e-procurement, the local performance Indicators which were used and the initial spend results of the project. Looking forward, reference is made to planed actions since 2009, regarding the future implementation of European Green Procurement directives and best practices from the supply-chain domain. Today, Green Procurement is the central core of the new centrally managed public e-procurement strategy of the city of London which promises to yield significant cost savings and improved efficiencies in the 2010-2013 timeframe.

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