Developing a Framework for the Identification and Analysis of the Strategic Resources and Capabilities in Supply Chains

Javad Feiz Abadi
Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, Malaysia

Carlos Cordon
International Management Development, Switzerland

A fundamental challenge in the resource-based view (RBV) research is the identification of strategic resources and capabilities, whether they lie within a firm’s boundaries or in its supply chain. RBV theorists regarded the identification of the strategic resources as the first step in the analysis of the resources, followed by development/maintenance of the resources and finally their deployment. Some authors developed frameworks for the analysis of strategic resources within a firm’s boundaries. Many believe that a firm’s strategic resources and capabilities are not limited to the firm’s boundaries, extend its network. In this paper, we classify supply chain resources and capabilities into two categories: internal resources and capabilities (based on RBV) and relational ones (based on RV). We then develop a framework for the identification and analysis of these resources and capabilities and apply it to the supply chain resources and capabilities of two automobile manufacturing companies in Iran.

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