Improvement Strategy Selection in FMEA – Classification, Review and New Opportunity Roadmaps

Agung Sutrisno
Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia

Hyuck Moo Kwon
Pukyong National University, South Korea

Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen) Lee
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Jang Hyon Ae
Pukyong National University, South Korea

Failure risk reprioritization and improvement strategy selection are two inseparable parts in FMEAmethodology. Nevertheless, the previous studies on the new research opportunities provide veryscanty discussions on the latter part. This paper presents an initial survey to classify literature related to improvement strategy selection methodology inFMEA. Systematic literature review using various reference databases is undertaken. Driven by new paradigms and recent trends on managing business operation,many studies have been dedicated to advance improvement strategy selection based on FMEA. The result of our survey, however, indicated that all those previous endeavors do not seem to be sufficient. Based on some observable gaps from the previous references, new research roadmaps in selecting improvement efforts are presented.

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