Customer-Responsive Supply of Local Foods

Per Engelseth
Molde University College, Norway

To attain sustainable logistics in food production, shortening transport from food production source to the place of consumption, is emerging as a major topic in food supply. First literature on local food distribution is reviewed. Based on this review a single case study of local food supply in the Norwegian town of Narvik is described. The case concerns accordingly a municipality. Inquiry involves a case study including a triangulation of in-depth interviews with producers, retailers and a consumer survey. Findings provide understanding of how to define “local foods” as well as the importance of this form of food distribution. The study underpins the growing importance of this form of food distribution. It also reveals how local foods involve using complex marketing channels even though distance is small. This means that a wide range of logistics solutions is feasible. Other than the "short transport" feature, there is accordingly no clear-cut form of logistics for the distribution of local foods.

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