Other Policies

  • Any complaint with regards to the published papers in Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal shall be handled by the Editor-in-Chief who will seek advises from the Board Members.
  • The Editor-in-Chief may cancel publication of an accepted manuscript or retract a published manuscript if any proven research misconduct is identified.
  • Any disputes about the authorship should be resolved by the authors themselves before a manuscript is submitted. The changes in the authorship after the initial submission of a manuscript should be made in writing before the submission of the final (accepted) manuscript and the document should be signed by all authors, including those being added or removed.
  • The authors may propose three or four names of the potential reviewers. The proposed reviewers should not have any conflict of interest with the author(s): not from the same organization and have not been working closely in the past with the author(s).
  • The proposed reviewers may or may not be invited by the editor to review the manuscript.
  • When the editor is involved as an author of a paper submitted to the OSCM Journal then the review process has to be handled by other editor. Likewise, an editor should not handle the review of a paper written by an author working for the same organization with the editor.