A Fuzzy AHP Approach for Supplier Selection


  • Abhijeet K. Digalwar1 (BITS Pilani, India)
  • Atul Borade1 (JDIET Yavatmal, India)
  • Bhimaraya Metri1 (IMI New Delhi, India)

Supplier selection is an integral part of supply chain management in any organization which is directly responsible for its success in market and if we see today’s highly competitive environment then it is pretty much difficult to find an effective and efficient supplier which can fulfill all organization’s need as required. Though there has been extensive research in supplier selection and quality management, but there has been less research in supplier selection/ evaluation under various conflicting/dependent criteria and sub criteria. To overcome this issue, Fuzzy-AHP a multi criteria decision making approach is proposed. This allows the decision making in fuzzy environment to rule out the error caused due to vagueness in human thoughts.

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