A Supply Chain Management Study: A Review of Theoretical Models from 2014 to 2019


  • Shu-Hsien Liao1 (Tamkang University, Danshuei Dist, New Taipei City, Taiwan )
  • Retno Widowati1 (Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) refers to suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers, and distribu-tors who attempt to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain system while meeting certain customer service levels. This study examines supply chain management by reviewing the development of theoretical models of supply chain man-agement. In regard to the development of these models, this study used “supply chain management” as the key-words/article title and searched for matching articles on the following databases from 2014 to 2019: ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library, Sage Online Journals, Taylor & Francis Online, Springer Link, Emerald Insight and OSCM FORUM. The various types of independent variables, dependent varia-bles, moderators, mediators, moderated mediation and medi-ated moderation for the research model that were designed and tested in the articles are considered as theoretical models of supply chain management. In addition, this study found supply chain management is a cross-category study issue. Ninety-seven articles are cited from forty-eight journals with twenty-five categories. This research is the first article in terms of investigating supply chain management studies using a theoretical model review based on a qualitative review re-search in supply chain issues. In reviewing these articles, this study categorizes past studies of supply chain management, identifies differences and indicates possible future develop-ments in the study of SCM.

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