Are Chatbots the Key to Success in Customer Service for Logistics Companies? A Statistical Study of 10 of the Most Important Companies in South America


  • Pedro Ramos De Santis1 (ESPOL Polytechnic University, Ecuador)

This article aims to investigate the effectiveness of chatbots in improving customer service for logistics companies, focusing on ten of the most important companies in South America. Data was collected from 1250 chatbot users across these companies and analyzed to determine the relationship between chatbot usage and customer satisfaction. The results indicate that chatbots can effectively improve customer service in the logistics industry, with a significant positive correlation between chatbot usage and customer satisfaction. The study employed multiple regression analysis to identify the most important factors influencing customer satisfaction with chatbots, including the chatbot’s capacity to address customer concerns, its familiarity with the company’s products and services, its capability to manage issues without requiring human intervention, its usage of correct grammar in its responses, and its general reputation for customer satisfaction. The results of this study have important implications for the logistics industry, as they provide insight into the potential benefits of chatbot technology for enhancing customer service.

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