Empirical Investigation of Mediating Role of Six Sigma Approach in Rationalizing the COQ in Service Organizations


  • Yanamandra Ramakrishna1 (University City of Sharjah, UAE)
  • Haitham Alzoubi1 (University City of Sharjah, UAE)

The aim of this study is to investigate the role of Six Sigma and Lean Operations in achieving the minimization of Cost of Quality (COQ) in service sector companies in UAE. The impact of the Lean Operations on controlling and rationalizing various costs related to quality through six sigma approach is studied on these companies listed in Dubai Financial Market. To accomplish this, an empirical research methodology has been adopted by conducting a field survey to collect the data, using a structured questionnaire. Totally 120 questionnaires were approved for analysis out of the total number of distributed questionnaires. The results of the study revealed the need for application of six sigma approach in service sector companies to improve the quality of services and for achieving the rationalization of costs related to quality. The study also revealed very interesting aspects related to lean and six sigma in service sector companies. Based on these findings, a number of suggestions and recommendations were made. These include the need to create an awareness about the theoretical concepts and practical implications of six sigma, lean management, and total quality management. The need to adopt a professional methodology to implement these concepts in service companies listed in Dubai Financial Market is also recommended through this study.

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