Examining the Structural Relationships of Service Recovery, Customer Satisfaction and Image in Online Retailing


  • Suresh Kandulapati1 (School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, India)
  • Raja Shekhar Bellamkonda1 (School of Management Studies, University of Hyderabad, India)

This study proposes and tests a structural model to examine the interrelationships among service recovery, customer satisfaction and image in the context of online retailing in India. The study adopts and validates E-RecS-QUAL scale to measure online service recovery. Factor analysis and structural equation modelling (using SPSS and Amos) are applied to test application of the proposed model. Analysis of an online survey data from 140 online retail customers reveals that the service recovery has a significant direct and indirect effect on both customer satisfaction and image. The study highlights mediating role of customer satisfaction in the relationship between online service recovery and image. The study helps e-retailers/e-commerce industry to understand customer perception of e-service recovery in India.

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