Investigating the Influence of Organizational Factors on Supply Chain Awareness


  • Ramakrishna Yanamandra1 (University City of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE)

Organizations have improved customer service and witnessed a reduction in their overall costs of operations by implementing supply chain (SC) practices. But many research studies reveal that only the large size companies due to their size and financial ability to invest in innovative practices have been able to visualize these benefits of SCM and many medium size manufacturing companies (MSMCs) have not yet been able to fully reap the positive outcomes of SCM. Organizational factors like size, experience, capital investment and product variety influence this degree of SC awareness and adoption. Studies related to this aspect of SCM are found to be less focused on MSMCs. This paper therefore studies empirically the influence of these organizational factors the degree of SC awareness, identifies the SC practices and analyzes whether degree of SC awareness has any influence on the degree of adoption of SC practices in MSMCs. The results of this study provide value to the SC practitioners and researchers.

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