Knowledge Management and Supply Chain – A study in Indian Perspective


  • Viqar Ali Baig1 (Lingayas University, Faridabad, Haryana, India)
  • Javaid Akhter1 (Management Studies and Research AMU Aligarh, India)
  • Mohd Shahid1 (Mewat Engineering College Haryana, India )
  • Akeel ur Rehman1 (Department of Commerce AMU Aligarh, India )

SC management has assumed a leading operations strategy position in both manufacturing and service industries, and over the years enterprises have sincerely implemented SC management strategies in their enterprises. Knowledge Management (KM) is a major source of empowerment of SC management, and is a vital element in information intensive and multi-cultured enterprise environments. Realizing the importance of KM in Supply Chain (SC), an effort has been made in this paper to suggest a theoretical framework for KM in SC and to authenticate the frame with the help of an experiential study conducted with Indian enterprises. The majority of participants solicited for this study work in the private sector (medium and large enterprises in the Delhi/NCR region of India). The respondents in this survey are: logistics managers, SC managers and engineers. There is a need to clearly integrate SC network parameters and variables into any final KM model or framework. The results then would supply a more suitable KM framework for improving SC competitiveness.

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