Relevance of Adopting Emerging Technologies in Outbound Supply Chain: New Paradigm for Cement Industry


  • Ashu Sharma1 (School of Business Management, SVKMs NMIMS, Mumbai, India)
  • Preeti Khanna1 (School of Business Management, SVKMs NMIMS, Mumbai, India)

In the past few decades, supply chain management operations have increased manifold and much attention has been devoted to the evolution of supply chain management in the scientific literature. This has led to accommodating newer strategies and developments in technology. Channel partners are exploring newer methods that deliver accurate information in real time to have efficient flow within the supply chain. Existing processes and operations handled by channel partners in cement industry are constrained by time, location and lack of any technology for accessing and coordinating any information. The focus of this paper is the outbound supply chain in cement industry where complexity and cost of inventory management, compliance requirements, and managing warehouse are the biggest challenge. The success of the supply chain depends on coordination, communication, and collaboration among the channel partners. Visibility in supply chain will certainly enhance tracking, timely delivery, improved decision making leading to improved customer satisfaction. Literature explores the digital trends in supply chain management affect the overall business model. From sensors to big data, a number of technologies drive the business trend across globe. The research paper looks at how the channel partners can use the technology and smart devices closely within their day to day activities associated with their processes which could connect all channel partners continuously, and have improved visibility in the supply chain. The research has done an extensive literature review as well as primary research to explore the role of existing technology in the outbound supply chain of cement industry. The study further explores that how technology can act as an enabler and can be benefited in many ways for channel partners.

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