1. The First Half-Century of Decision Modelling for Substitutable Products: A Literature Review and Bibliographic Analysis
    • Gaurav Nagpal
    • Udayan Chanda
    • Himanshu Seth
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  2. Demystifying the Dabbawallahs: India’s Lean Food Delivery Operations Explained with Operations Management Practices
    • Kumaraguru Mahadevan
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  3. Integration of Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Supply Chain Management: A Critical Review
    • Palesa Kgobe
    • Paul Ozor
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  4. What Can the Brunei Government Do to Encourage Halal Logistics Adoption: Lessons from the Literature
    • Mohamed Syazwan Ab Talib
    • Li Li Pang
    • Nur Atiqah Md Said
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  5. Analysis of Risk Factors for Temperature-Controlled Warehouses
    • Ranil Sugathadasa
    • Deshan Wakkumbura
    • H. Niles Perera
    • Amila Thibbotuwawa
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  6. Impact of Organizations’ Internal Green Supply Chain Management on Consumers' Purchasing Behavior for Personal Care Products
    • Byoung-Chun Ha
    • So-Youn Lim
    • Changjoon Lee
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  7. A Hybrid Chemical Based Metaheuristic Approach for a Vaccine Cold Chain Network
    • Kanon Sujaree
    • Nara Samattapapong
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  8. Enhancing Supply Chain Capabilities in an ETO Context Through "Lean and Learn"
    • Jenny Backstrand
    • Daryl Powell
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  9. Realignment of Product Stewardship towards Chemical Regulations, the Circular Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility – a Delphi Study
    • Sukhraj Takhar
    • Kapila Liyanage
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  10. A Multi-Criteria Assessment of Industrial Zones’ Attractiveness Scores in Viet Nam
    • NGUYEN Duc Thanh
    • LE Huong-Linh
    • BUI Thi Thuy Linh
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