1. The effects of dynamism, relational capital, and ambidextrous innovation on the supply chain resilience of U.S. firms amid COVID-19
    • Charles Robb
    • Minhyo Kang
    • Aaron Stephens

  2. Acceptance of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chains: A Model Proposal
    • Haldun Colak
    • Celal Hakan Kagn?c?oglu

  3. Strategizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the Retail Supply Chains of Pakistan: A Multiple Case Study
    • Sanaa Khayyam
    • Asher Ramish
    • Khaliq Rehman
    • Aly Raza Syed

  4. Sustainable Agro-industry Logistics Solutions using Spatial Analysis
    • Hartrisari Hardjomidjojo
    • Rindra Yusianto
    • Marimin Marimin
    • Suprihatin Suprihatin

  5. Impact of Experience and Education on Risk Attitude and Risk Perception of Supply Chain Management Professionals
    • Douglas McWilliams
    • Carmella Lennon
    • Johnny Lowery

  6. A Proposed Model for Drug Demand Forecasting and Ordering Inventory System for Dengue Endemic
    • Irwan Syahrir
    • Suparno
    • Iwan Vanany

  7. A Conceptual Framework for the Identification of Food Safety Risks in Global Commodity Flows Exemplified by Agricultural Bulk Commodities
    • Milena Zupaniec
    • Helmut-A. Schafft
    • Robert Pieper
    • Ann-Kathrin Lindemann
    • Anneluise Mader

  8. Industry 4.0: A Bibliometric Analysis in the Perspective of Operations Management
    • Juliano Sordan
    • Pedro Oprime
    • Marcio Pimenta
    • Paolo Chiabert
    • Franco Lombardi

  9. Forecasting the Quality of Port Infrastructure of Asian Port Countries: An Application of the Model GM (1, 1) and Clustering Them Using HCA Algorithm
    • Mohammad Hasan
    • Chen Yan Chun
    • Shengyong Yao
    • Arifa Parvin Kemi

  10. Empirical Investigation of Mediating Role of Six Sigma Approach in Rationalizing the COQ in Service Organizations
    • Yanamandra Ramakrishna
    • Haitham Alzoubi

  11. Exploring Performance Deficits in the Fish Feed Supply Chain of Bangladesh
    • Imranul Islam
    • Max Nielsen
    • Birgit Schulze-Ehlers
    • Badiuzzaman Badiuzzaman

  12. A Soft System Dynamic Approach for Designing Palm Kernel Shell Supply Chain
    • Handaya Handaya
    • Herri Susanto
    • Dikky Indrawan
    • Marimin Marimin