1. Using Lean and Voice of Customers to Fulfil Needs in the Charity Sector – A Reflective Case Study
    • Huay Ling Tay
    • Julian See
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  2. Employee Retention and the Moderating Role of Psychological Ownership in Retail
    • Diep Nguyen
    • Lubor Homolka
    • Sinh Hoang
    • Hanh Nguyen
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  3. Inventory Modelling for technology generation products under uncertain trade credit terms and imprecise procurement costs
    • Gaurav Nagpal
    • Udayan Chanda
    • Alok Kumar
    • Naga Jasti
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  4. Explore the Research Trends of Green Supply Chain in the Manufacturing Industry: A Bibliometric Analysis
    • Erna Ramli
    • Dolhadi Zainudin
    • Rafikul Islam
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  5. The Influence of Economic and Non-Economic Satisfaction on Formalization, Specific Investments, and Dependence in B2B Relationships
    • Carlos Ferro-Soto
    • Carmen Padin
    • Mercy Mpinganjira
    • Goran Svensson
    • Nils Hogevold
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  6. Unexplored Antecedents of Agent Opportunism in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: An Interviewed-Based Exploratory Study
    • Thoa Pham
    • Kodo Yokozawa
    • Nguyen Anh
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  7. Modern Slavery Statements and Service Industry Supply Chains: A Commentary on the Leading Hotel and Retail Companies in the UK
    • Peter Jones
    • Daphne Comfort
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  8. Assessing the Impact of Green Supply Chain Management, Competitive Advantage and Firm Performance in PROPER Companies in Indonesia
    • Maya Novitasari
    • Dian Agustia
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  9. Effect of Absorptive Capacity on Strategic Flexibility and Supply Chain Agility: Implications for Performance in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
    • Younis Jabarzadeh
    • Mahdiyar Khangah
    • Murat Cemberci
    • Roberto Cerchione
    • Naser Sanoubar
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  10. Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Aircraft Boarding Strategies Using Discrete Event Simulation
    • Sadeem Qureshi
    • Hassaan Qureshi
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