Asset Integrity Knowledge Management: A Case Study from the Petroleum Industry

Mayang Kusumawardhani
University of Stavanger, Norway

Tore Markeset
University of Stavanger, Norway

The practice of knowledge management in the petroleum industry is motivated by the HSE, technical and business requirements. Aligned with the development of knowledge management, various advancements in information systems are used to maintain the asset integrity of petroleum installations. However, the advancement also poses its own risks. With the increasing use of advanced technology in the petroleum installations, there are potential threats that can affect the installationĀ“s integrity. This paper aims to identify knowledge management and information system practices and challenges in maintaining the asset integrity of petroleum installations. This study is part of a larger-scale case study that analyzes current asset integrity management (AIM) practices in the petroleum industry. The study is based on a literature study and face-to-face interviews with industry practitioners in Houston, Texas, and Singapore. The main findings revealed seven groups of AIM challenges; knowledge management and information technology are part of these.

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