A Study of Supply chain Management Practices in Finland and the United States

Karen Spens
Hanken School of Economics, Finland

Joel Wisner
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Although for the past ten years there has been an abundance of research generally investigating various aspects of supply chain management (SCM), a lack of globally-based empirical studies examining actual SCM practices still exists. In this study, the overall objective was to identify, compare, and assess a number of SCM implementation and operating practices among firms in Finland and the United States. A survey identifying SCM experiences and practices in use among several industries was conducted and similarities and differences in supply chain management implementation experiences and operating practices were discovered. This research thereby develops a deeper understanding of the practice of SCM by looking at SCM attitudes and experiences among managers in firms from two advanced yet geographically dispersed economies. An associated practical objective of the study was to identify a set of supply chain management-oriented activities that will allow firms and their trading partners to enhance their overall effectiveness and value.

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