Application of the Just-In-Time Approach to a Third-Generation Port


  • Yulia Panova1 (Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University, Russia and Luoyang Normal University, China)
  • Per Hilletofth1 (Jönköping University, Sweden and University of Gävle, Sweden)
  • Arina Panova1 (ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Xu Hongsheng1 (Luoyang Normal University, China)

This paper investigates the feasibility of different logistics concepts applicable in a third-generation port (first-and-foremost, just-in-time approach for a given case). In this regard, a simulation model imitating the work of a real third-generation port was developed. Four experiments with proposed logistics solutions have been configured and evaluated in the simulation model. They differed by the size and number of shipping consignments to the port, deployed truck fleet, etc. The research shows that effective material transfers from the plant to the port can be provided, if a ‘pulling’ type of logistics system is applied instead of the traditional ‘pushing’ system. This alternative allows goods to be delivered just-in-time with the minimum labour costs and material resources.

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