Review Process

We aim to manage the review process that adheres to the principles of fairness, timeliness, and thoroughness of the peer-review editorial process. Our review process will follow the following general guidelines:

  • Each paper submitted to OSCM Journal is subject to a blind review process. The Editor-in-Chief or the Associate Editors will first review the suitability of the manuscript and if deemed appropriate, it will be sent to reviewers for evaluation and comments. Based on the recommendation of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief will decide whether the paper is accepted as it is, recommended for revisions, or rejected.
  • The reviewers are requested to write the review in a provided review form. However in some case the reviewer may provide extended comments in a free format.
  • We aim to reach a first decision on all manuscripts within two or three months of submission. Rejection, if it is based on editor judgement after the first in-house review, is expected to be quicker than this.

In case an article is recommended for minor revisions, a maximum of two months are normally allowed for the authors to submit the revised paper. In case of major revisions, we normally allow a maximum of three months. Authors may request extensions when needed. When submitting revisions, authors should also submit a separate file explaining how each concern raised by the reviewers has been addressed in the revised paper.