Inter-functional Coordination to Co-create Value Within Integrated Value Chains for Competitive Supply Chain


  • Umer Mukhtar1 (University of Management and Technology, Pakistan)
  • Tashfeen Mahmood Azhar1 (University of Management and Technology, Pakistan)

This paper aims to develop a conceptual model that can assist managers in the development of competitive value chain using value co-creation and integration to make the whole supply chain competitive. The model is based on theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of value co-creation, network theory, value chain, and customer value theory. The model focuses on the idea that integrated value chains with high value co-creation abilities within them would make the whole supply chain competitive. That means that if the individual firms along the supply chain work on improving their value co-creation abilities, and they are well-integrated, it will increase the whole supply chain competitiveness. It is a conceptual model that needs to be operationalized and empirically tested in the future. The model suggests high value co-creation abilities in the individual value chains with a well-integrated supply chain as a basis for supply chain competitiveness. The model includes several theoretical and conceptual views related to value co-creation. However, it may be possible to add some additional perspectives in the future research.

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