Demand-oriented Supply Chain Strategies – A Review of the Literature


  • Chuda Basnet1 (University of Waikato, New Zealand)
  • Stefan Seuring1 (University of Kassel, Germany)

This paper presents a review of the research literature on supply chain strategies linked to product demand. Fisher (1997), in his seminal article, has argued that efficient supply chain (SC) strategies are appropriate for functional products and responsive strategies are needed for innovative products. The purpose of this article is to review articles which have been published after Fisher (1997), and which relate market demand for a product to the respective supply chain design, in an effort to synthesise these articles and suggest future research directions. A literature review is carried out using content analysis, following the qualitative research paradigm. Both deductive and inductive coding has been carried out, followed by a descriptive analysis and a synthesis of the literature. The contribution of the article is a critical review, a synthesis of the literature, and directions for future research.

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