Digital Technology Adoption for Building Supply Chain Resilience Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from South Korean Manufacturers


  • Minhyo Kang1 (Pusan National University, South Korea)
  • Charles Robb1 (Hannam University Linton Global School, South Korea)
  • Seongsoo Kim1 (Pusan National University, South Korea)
  • Aaron Stephens1 (Hartwick College, United States)

This study examines the digital technology adoption of South Korean manufacturers amidst the pandemic unveiling how supply chain disruption orientation improves the adoption of technology to build supply chain resilience and market performance. This is an empirical study utilizing psychosomatic variables (supply chain disruption orientation, innovation adoption, digital infrastructure capability, supply chain resilience, and market performance) to build a model. A sample of 76 South Korean manufacturers is used to test the model and the interrelationships. PLS-SEM is employed for the analysis and mediation effects are provided. Findings indicate that supply chain disruption orientation was significant for the adoption of digital technology during the pandemic; moreover, digital technology facilitated improved supply chain resilience and market performance. Further implications are explicated in this paper.

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