Hospital Supply Chain Management: Cross-Disciplinarity Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era and Research Agenda


  • Erika Tatiana Ruíz Orjuela1 (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
  • Oscar Rincon-Guevara1 (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)
  • Wilson Adarme Jaimes1 (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia)

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted various aspects of society, and research has been published across different sectors beyond healthcare. This article presents the results of a literature review in Hospital Supply Chain management (HSCM) to identify current and future research areas. The literature review identified four main research themes associated with the scope of HSCM, the flow type, and the approaches employed. The results of this study suggest that COVID-19 is a catalyst for short- and long-term changes that require the attention of researchers, strategies to incorporate 4.0 technologies, and integration of different stakeholders to improve the resilience and sustainability of the Supply Chain (SC) in future pandemic scenarios. This paper provides relevant information to the implementation for future research regarding the management of the HSCM for the post-pandemic period.

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