Impact of Information Sharing on Trust and Commitment Level in the Supply Chain: Focus on Korea's Three New Core Industries


  • Changjoon Lee 1 (Sogang University, South Korea)
  • Soohyo Kim1 (Sogang University, South Korea)

Today’s business environment can be considered a competition of supply chains, not individual enterprise competition. Accordingly, companies have made great efforts to build efficient supply chains to improve competitiveness and secure competitive advantage. Based on this background, this study examined the impact of information sharing, which is an important factor in supply chain management, on two types of trust (cognitive trust and emotional trust) and commitment level. Specifically, this study suggested information sharing as an antecedent factor of cognitive trust and emotional trust and examined the relationship between the two types of trust and commitment level. Data were collected through a survey targeting workers in supply chain-related departments in three major new industries in Korea (automobiles, bio-health, and semiconductors); a total of 214 responses were used for the empirical analysis. By employing a structural equation model for the research model, information sharing was found to positively affect cognitive trust and emotional trust. Furthermore, the two types of trust had a positive impact on the commitment level of companies in the supply chain. Therefore, it is important to build mutual trust to create a sustainable relationship with another party in the supply chain and, for this, it is necessary to understand the importance of information sharing.

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