Sustainable Packaging Practices Across Various Sectors: Some Innovative Initiatives Under the Spotlight


  • Ram Roy1 (Eastern Institute of Technology, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand)

Sustainable operations and supply chains are the desperate needs of the global business environment. Governments worldwide are enacting laws to reduce plastic products and encourage biodegradable packaging. A range of global practices is visible in various business operations, including designing, manufacturing, storage, and distribution. This paper has focused on some of the innovative and sustainable packaging practices adopted by companies in New Zealand and other parts of the world to improve operational efficiency and environmental sustainability towards better profits and corporate social responsibility. The paper is based on various articles from trade and academic journals highlighting the importance of sustainability in the packaging, operations, and supply chain domain. The literature review indicates that while there is an appetite for changes in the packaging materials toward sustainability, users or shoppers are still not fully prepared to pay for such changes. There are many examples of sustainable packaging practices undertaken by companies, researchers, and innovators worldwide. However, it may not be pragmatic to do away with all the plastic packaging from every product because consumers still want to enjoy the packaging's convenience. So, while people might be shocked to see the frequent imagery of wildlife crippled or killed by discarded packaging not every consumer is putting the planet's health ahead of their fresh choice of produce. The challenge ultimately lies with the food and other industries to innovate their packaging to ensure they are biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable, and affordable. Fortunately, the changing consumers' awareness of sustainable packaging and perceived readiness to accept some of the costs provides significant optimism.

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