1. Key Food Supply Chain Challenges: A Review of the Literature and Research Gaps
    • Kavitha Gurrala
    • Moncer Hariga
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  2. Sustainable Packaging Practices Across Various Sectors: Some Innovative Initiatives Under the Spotlight
    • Ram Roy
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  3. PCA-WA Based Approach for Concurrent Control Chart Pattern Recognition
    • Adil Akaaboune
    • Ammar Elhassan
    • Ghazanfar Latif
    • Jaafar Alghazo
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  4. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Sustainability under the Torchlight of Social Media
    • Mohammad Seddigh
    • Sina Shokoohyar
    • Seyed Ghanadpour
    • Hossein Moradi
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  5. Supply Chain Management and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    • Ashutosh Srivastava
    • Vidhisha Vyas
    • Amulya Gurtu
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  6. The Complexities of Honda’s Supply Chain & Associated Risks: Understanding Suppliers & Customers, Industry Differentiators, and Market Locations
    • Miranda Armie
    • Kate Goodyear
    • Mackenzie Summers
    • Janaina Siegler
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  7. Organic Compost Supply Chain Analysis: A TCE Perspective
    • Brian Chikwava
    • Himanshu Shee
    • Simon Millcock
    • Paul Chapman
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  8. Forward and Reverse Logistics Network Design with Sustainability for New and Refurbished Products in E-commerce
    • Yash Daultani
    • Naoufel Cheikhrouhou
    • Saurabh Pratap
    • Dhirendra Prajapati
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  9. Can Supply Chain Collaboration Improve Firm Performance? Experiences on Leather and Footwear Companies in Vietnam
    • Nguyen Thi Duc Nguyen
    • Nguyen Hoang Phat
    • Nguyen Thi Hoang Mai
    • Huynh Thi Phuong Lan
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  10. A Comparative Analysis of South Korean and U.S. Firms: Ambidextrous Innovation, Supply Chain Resilience, and Market Performance
    • Minhyo Kang
    • Charles Robb
    • Aaron Stephens
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