Towards Forest Supply Chain Risks


  • Michael Wang1 (Kingston University London, UK)
  • Robert Radics1 (Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand)
  • Samsul Islam1 (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Ki-Soon Hwang1 (Kingston University London, UK)

Forest supply chain has drawn increasing attention worldwide. This paper develops a supply chain risk (SCR) framework in the forest industry. Forest supply chain risk has become an obstacle to gaining competitive advantages and developing sustainable forestry. However, very few studies attempt to investigate SCR in an integrated forest supply chain. It is essential to understand and manage these risks, which may impede the industry’s performance improvement. An extensive literature review, and Delphi study are performed to develop and identify the major forest SCRs. The result has shown that the five types of forest SCRs are recognized. In this study, we extend SCR into the forest sector and contribute to the forest supply chain management literature. Further research is needed to address specific problems associated with types of SCRs and develop appropriate forest SCR mitigation strategies in contexts.

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