1. A Comprehensive Business Process Management Application to Evaluate and Improve the Importations Practices on Big-box Stores
    • Odette Chams-Anturi
    • Milton Soto-Ferrari
    • Anamaria Gomez
    • Juan Escorcia-Caballero
    • Daniel Romero-Rodriguez
    • Maureen Casile
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  2. A Systematic Review on Factors Influencing Container Terminal’s Performance
    • Fajar Kurniawan
    • Siti Nurmaya Musa
    • Noor Hasnah Moin
    • Taufik Roni Sahroni
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  3. Key Performance Measures and Digital-Era Technologies in Warehouses
    • Yeliz Demirk?ran
    • Omer Ozturkoglu
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  4. Applying Greenfield Analysis for Optimal Planning of COVID-19 Vaccination Outreach: A Case Study of Bali Province
    • Arief Adhitya
    • Meyland Meyland
    • Maria Nauli
    • Martin Tjahjono
    • Iskandar Halim
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  5. Location-inventory-routing Problem in a Context of City Logistics: A Case Study of Jakarta
    • Nova Saragih
    • Senator Nur Bahagia
    • Suprayogi Suprayogi
    • Ibnu Syabri
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  6. Sustainable Supply Chains of Sri Lankan Manufacturing Organizations: A Study on Operational Excellence Models During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    • M.T.D. Malsinghe
    • M.H.A. Gunathilaka
    • I.P.C. Dinesh Bandara
    • A.I. Wijerathne
    • Nagalingam Nagendrakumar
    • W.D.N. Madhavika
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  7. A Locational Analysis Model of the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
    • Luluk Lusiantoro
    • Setyo Mara
    • Achmad Rifai
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  8. A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Impact of Internet of Things on Supply Chain Management
    • Mohamed Ben-Daya
    • Elkafi Hassini
    • Zied Bahroun
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  9. Sourcing from China: Approaches and Outcomes for Swedish Firms
    • Leif-Magnus Jensen
    • Per Hilletofth
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  10. Service Supply Chain (SSC): A Systematic Literature Review (1999-2020)
    • Asher Ramish
    • Abu Bakar Hamid
    • Devika Nadarajah
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